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As an academic, being able to publish in peer reviewed publications is an essential to disseminate one’s research and develop scholarly work. Choosing a career in academics requires research productivity, peer reviewed publication and participating in academic conferences. These are crucial components to advancing a professional academic career. However, publishing can be a daunting endeavour, especially for developing early career academics.

So, with the collaborative nature of academia made apparent at annual Higher Education Conferences, an idea grew within the UKZN Teaching & Learning Office (UTLO) while simultaneously promoting the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning. To assist academics to develop academic writing skills and publication experience, UTLO, in collaboration with Extended Learning (UEL), launched the Come Write With Me programme. The programme, funded by UTLO, is open to any UKZN staff of any discipline who are novice authors trying to improve their publication quality and output.

The programme, which is in its 5th year, is designed so that developing authors work with a group of writing mentors over a period of six months in six Saturday day-long workshops. This model accepts that writing is not a simple process of producing words on a page over a couple of days. The model is meant to advance the principles of process writing, in which there is incubation of ideas, writing and rewriting, receiving critique and revising drafts, while simultaneously strengthening the quality of the argument iteratively. These workshops, through expert guidance and peer support, cover all aspects required to produce a publishable paper, from conceptualisation through to publication. At the end of the sixth and final workshop, authors and their mentors submit their co-authored articles to accredited journals as well as do a presentation of their paper in preparation for their presentation at the Higher Education Conference.

The programme facilitated by established academics in their fields, and as it provides opportunities to be mentored and learn co-writing skills; an outcome has been the development of the next generation of mentors and co-authors. Although academic publication is the aim, co-writing with mentors was crucial for enabling the transferability of writing skills that are enduring, sustainable and replicable. 

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