Professor Simon Mukwembi


Sharing teaching experience with others

It is my belief that new knowledge can be acquired in various ways, such as studying the literature, research, and conferences. I have always shared teaching methods not only with colleagues in the School, but also with the university community (see for example, Annexure 6A). This provides me with new knowledge on teaching, and in turn I pass on my techniques to others. For instance, over the years, after noticing how unprepared my tutors were for tutorials, I discussed this with many colleagues in the School and I have influenced many of them to institute weekly meetings with their tutors in order to check the tutors' preparedness for the week's tutorial. This is a very important component in any course's delivery as students get to very seriously engage with the material taught in lectures in tutorials. I, for example, adopted the idea of tutorial tests from a colleague, A.M. Henning, through sharing teaching methods by discussions in the corridor. I have in turn passed on this idea to several other colleagues, such as J.M. Morgan for MATH130. As Academic Leader: Mathematics, I share my teaching experiences everyday with sta ff members, especially where there are problems. My role as an Academic Leader, since 2012, aff orded me the opportunity of not only being a member of our School's Teaching and Learning Committee, but also the Higher Degrees and Research Committee. In these committees, we deal, seriously, with all teaching and learning matters as well as higher degrees and research matters, from teaching approaches to delivery, from content knowledge to assessments and examinations, and finally from student support to throughputs and implementation with in the discipline and the School. Nevertheless, I have also always shared teaching experiences through co-supervising postgraduate students.

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