Funding Opportunities

As part of our mission to promote the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning, the UTLO has offers funding opportunities in the form of grants. These grants are outlined below.

The Teaching & Learning Competitive Research Grant (TLCRG) applies to staff who already have an established research profile but are novice in areas such as Higher Education, Institutional and Curriculum Research, to new staff seeking to build scholarship in university teaching and learning, and to staff who undertake institutional level research within the university. 

The TLCRG is a developmental grant aimed at researchers just beginning their research careers and those who are in need of funds to establish themselves in research, but specifically within higher education research.

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The Teaching Innovation and Quality Enhancement Grant (TIQEG) is to enable the provision of funds for piloting and supporting innovations and quality enhancement initiatives in teaching and learning in the university.

This grant responds to a crucial need within the University, to fund projects or initiatives that focus on innovations related to the broad range of aspects related to teaching, learning, assessments, curriculum development and delivery; and demonstrates commitment to continual improvement in educational quality in the university.

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