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The University of KwaZulu-Natal has positioned itself as the premier university of African scholarship and the primary responsibility assigned to the UKZN Teaching & Learning Office (UTLO) is to provide leadership in all areas of teaching and learning and institutional research to realise the University's vision, mission and strategic plan with regard to teaching and learning. In fulfilling its mandate, the UTLO seeks to collaborate with academics, researchers and students to create supportive, adaptable and innovative learning environments in which outstanding teaching at all levels is nurtured, recognized and rewarded. - Read More


UKZN hosted a Stakeholders’ Breakfast to forge deeper relationships with education officials from various districts in KwaZulu-Natal.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Teaching and Learning, Professor Renuka Vithal, outlined UKZN’s research and teaching and learning achievements, saying they were particularly notable as the University had gone through a “major merger” just over a decade ago.

Vithal emphasised that UKZN put great effort on ensuring the success of its students. ‘Every student matters,’ she said, indicating that the University was committed to social development, justice and gender equality.
Vithal paid particular attention to the strides UKZN had made on its language policy, saying that it planned to be a ‘space where students can engage in whatever language they feel comfortable in’. - Read more


Four senior UKZN academics - Dr Suzanne Francis, Professor Albert Modi, Professor Thabo Msibi and Ms Rosemary Quilling - were recognised for their excellence in teaching at the Distinguished Teachers’ Awards dinner hosted by the University Teaching and Learning Office (UTLO). 

Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Teaching and Learning, Professor Renuka Vithal, said the Distinguished Teachers’ programme had helped the University grow ‘focus, scholarship and a community of practitioners in teaching and learning’.

Chairperson of the Higher Education Learning and Teaching Association of Southern Africa (HELTASA), Dr Amanda Hlengwa, who delivered the keynote address, spoke on the decolonising of the curriculum.  ‘If indeed there is agreement that teaching and learning are not neutral, it stands to reason that distinguished teaching in the context of a post-colonial, post-apartheid state cannot simply mean glossy, generic best practice,’ said Hlengwa.- Read more


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