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UKZN-QEP1 Report Phase 1 2014

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QEP external review report 2017

QEP CHE Synthesis report 2015
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Predatory Journals

Sometimes, scholarly authors take advantage of the easy publishing that predatory journals offer for their own benefit. In many cases, universities base faculty evaluations and promotions only on the number of articles published, and they do not distinguish between high quality and predatory journals. It is pretty easy to write up a scholarly article and get it quickly published in a predatory journal. Here the victims are the honest researchers, those who submit their work to selective scholarly journals, where it is more difficult to publish and the process is slower. Increasingly, there are predatory publishers that specialize in quick, easy, and cheap publishing.- Read more

More Resources on Predatory Journals

Bealls list of Predatory Journal 2016

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The University of KwaZulu-Natal has positioned itself as the premier university of African scholarship and the primary responsibility assigned to the UKZN Teaching & Learning Office (UTLO) is to provide leadership in all areas of teaching and learning and institutional research to realise the University's vision, mission and strategic plan with regard to teaching and learning. In fulfilling its mandate, the UTLO seeks to collaborate with academics, researchers and students to create supportive, adaptable and innovative learning environments in which outstanding teaching at all levels is nurtured, recognized and rewarded. - Read More




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