Teaching & Learning Higher Education Conference (2013)

7th Annual Teaching and Learning Higher Education Conference (2013)

Theme: Re-envisioning African Higher Education: Alternative Paradigms, Emerging Trends and New Directions
Keynote Speakers: 

  • Professor Philip G. Altbach - Centre for International Higher Education, Boston College
  • Professor Guy Standing - School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London
  • Professor Paul Gerdes - Universidade Peadagogica, Maputo
  • Professor Ian Scott - University of Cape Town

Conference Videos

Conference Presentations

Some of the presentations from the 2013 Conference are listed below:

Presenter Co-Author(s) Topic Presentation 
Dr Nyna Amin L Campbell  Envisioning a curriculum without borders for palliative care
Ms Shelly Anne Barnsley S Hakizimana  Making a case for a decentralised framework of student counselling in a tertiary institution
Ms Zahra Bulbulia M Maharaj  Using Web 2.0 as a strategy to educate users about online security
Mr Nhlanhla Cele N Mapatagane  Responding to needs of first year undergraduate students  Download
Dr Anthony Collins   Joy, optimism, helplessness and despair: Counter-transference in teaching sensitive topics  Download
Dr Mogamat Noor Davids M Nkosi,
M Shoba,
L Iyer,
LR Maharajh,
S Bheki
Reflections on experiences of an enacted curriculum in a post graduate honours module  Download
Dr Peter J Denny M Maharaj  Understanding and Embracing the Complexities of Multicultural ICT Classrooms Download
Dr Severino Machingambi   Instructional strategies for motivating students in Higher Education Download
Mrs Maria Madiope R Ranko-Ramaili,
M Ally
Improving access to learning using podcast delivered on mobile technology Download
Ms Razia Mayet   Easing the articulation blues: Stepping up from high school to higher education Download
Ms Kerry McCullough N Munro  Maintaining Interest and Fuelling Motivation: Student Experiences of Active and Collaborative Learning Tasks in a level 300 Finance Module Download
Ms Tamar Meskin T van der Walt
Bridge-Building across the landscape of Higher education: an exploration of the dynamics of collaborative learning projects  Download
Dr Inbanathan Naicker  P Morojele,
K Pithouse-Morgan,
D Pillay,
V Chikoko 
Towards  curriculum intellectualising: A reflexive account of making meaning of postgraduate  Download
Mr Rajen Padayachi  L Lalendle Experiences of post doctoral fellows at UKZN  Download
Professor Julia Preece D Manicom  Adaptive leadership, service learning and community engagement: integrating curriculum relevance with competing community goals  Download
Dr Saras Reddy S Nadar  Crossing Knowledge Boundaries: A case study of a Trans-disciplinary Masters Cohort Supervision Model in the Humanities  Download

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