Workships 2012

UTLO’s much anticipated Seminar Series continued to influence conversations about Teaching and Learning amongst academic and support staff. In addition to 14 seminars, colloquia and workshops hosted, UTLO introduced its ‘Candid Talk’ series in an attempt to make more public discourses around higher education.

Workshop 1

Date: 15 February 2012

Topic: Possibilities and Pitfalls in the Cohort Model of Doctoral Supervision

Presenters: Professor Renuka Vithal (Deputy Vice- Chancellor: Teaching and Learning, UKZN) and Professor Michael Samuel (School of Education, UKZN)

Chair: Dr Rubby Dhunpath

This workshop aimed to assist Colleges/Schools intending to implement a Cohort Model of doctoral research teaching and learning pedagogy as a complementary model to the traditional ‘master-apprenticeship’, one-on-one model of supervision. The workshop demonstrated how this model addressed underproductivity of doctoral graduands in higher education. The model involved drawing on the experiences of supervisors, staff and students as co-producers of knowledge involved in a research pedagogical process. The doctoral graduands that emerge are able to embrace their roles and responsibilities as researchers and knowledge constructors. Rather than the PhD being about individualistic learning, the Cohort Model attempts to infuse multiand interdisciplinary notions of responsiveness to knowledge production in community and as collectives. Using an interactive approach, and concrete exemplars, the workshop provided insights into the pedagogy underpinning the doctoral Cohort Model, identifying strategies and tools to initiating and growing doctoral cohorts in Schools, highlighting possibilities and pitfalls in implementation.

Workshop 2

Date: 26 February – 2 March 2012

Topic: Writing for Academic Publication

Presenter: Chris Kapp and Associates

As part of its mission to promote the scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and support academic publications in teaching and learning and institutional research, the UTLO hosted a five-day Writing for Publication Workshop for novice researchers conducted by the consultancy, Chris Kapp and Associates. The workshop was aimed at academic staff who were novice authors, had a limited publications record and were trying to improve their publication rate. Participants received step-by-step guidance and coaching directly related to publishing articles based on their research. They also received expert peer review and feedback from experienced critical readers and accredited language editors.

Workshop 3

Date: 5 July 2012

Topic: Foundation Provisioning Programme – Planning workshop

Facilitator: Dr Rubby Dhunpath

In 2012, the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) revised their Foundation Provision Policy and this workshop was conducted in order to define and reach a common understanding of the new Policy. The workshop included extensive discussions on the Provision models in the new DHET Policy, its implications for Foundation Provisioning and enrolment planning and quality considerations. UKZN representatives, from the various Foundation Programmes, Information Communication Services (ICS), QPA, UTLO and the Deans: College Teaching and Learning, all contributed to the discussion and planning the way forward.

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