Seminars & Workshops 2015

As a part of driving the mission of the UTLO, we host a variety of seminars and workshops, in addition to our Annual Conference. The list of most recent and upcoming seminars and workshops are available below:

Date Theme/Focus/Topic Speaker(s) Information Comment
2015-11-30 [Workshop] 3rd Data Analytics Workshop Professor Victor Borden     
2015-11-27  Academic Monitoring & Support Research Colloquium 2015    Read more 
2015-09-28 [Dialogue] The Hitchikers Guide to Education, Knowledge and Learning Steven Harrison Read more  RSVP to:
2015-09-19 [Public Dialogue] The Adaptable Mind: Education and the Dynamic Question
Steven Harrison Read more

2015-08-11 [Public Lecture] Curriculum Transformation: Narratives and Indigenous Knowledge in the age of Globalisation  Professor Nfah-Abbenyi
Read more
2015-07-01 [Pre-Conference Workshop] Making a Good Presentation    Read  more
2015-06-22 [Workshop] 2nd Data Analytics Workshop Professor Victor Borden Read more Read about the IR Projects | View Interview
2015-06-22 [Workshop] Supplemental Instruction Ms Liesl Smith & Mr Philip Kitching     
2015-06-18 [Seminar] The Trends and Challenges to Doctoral Production in South Africa Professor Johann Mouton Read more Download Presentation | View Video
2015-06-10 [Pre-Conference Workshop] Writing the Paper   Read more 
2015-06-05 [Seminar] Skeuomorphism – The biggest hurdle to e-learning? Dr Craig Blewett  Read more
Download Presentation | View Video
2015-05-28 [Seminar] Walking our Talk? Developing, Supporting and Nurturing our Early Career Academics Early Career Academics from UKZN Read more 
2015-05-22 [Pre-Conference Workhops] Designing & Presenting a Poster     
2015-05-19 [Workshop] Writing a Research Grant Proposal
Professor Julia Preece
Read more
2015-04-30 [Public Lecture] Higher Education as an Instrument of Equity and Equality: The Finnish Experience  Professor Harri Melin  Read more
2015-03-25 [Workshop] UKZN SASSE Users' Workshop Professor JF Strydom;
Mr ME Henn;
Ms L Swart
Read more
2015-03-04 [Pre-Conference Workshop] Developing an Abstract   Read more
2015-02-05 [Workshop] Writing a Research Grant Proposal
Professor Julia Preece Read more


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