Seminars & Workshop 2018

As a part of driving the mission of the UTLO, we host a variety of seminars and workshops, in addition to our Annual Conference. The list of most recently conducted seminars and workshops are available below:

Date Category Theme/Focus/Topic Speaker(s) Information
2018/09/28 Workshop Exploring the value of adopting Moodle Quiz, Assignment and Forum activities
Dr Upasana Singh and Dr Neil Evans
Read more
2018/09/11 Workshop Enhancing quality in doctoral education
Dr Rubby Dhunapth (Chair of panel) Read more
2018/04/09 Seminar Reimagined Higher Education and the Red Flag bearers
Dr Craig Blewett
Read more
2018/08/27 Seminar A Roadmap for the Implementation of Technology Enhanced Learning at the University of KwaZulu-Natal
Professor Rupert Ward
Read more
2018/08/24 Seminar The Illusion of Solid and Separate Things: A workshop on Troublesome Knowledge and the Curriculum
Professor Kriben Pillay Read more
2018/05/25 Seminar Art Vs Science: Storytelling for Decolonisation in Engineering Education
Siddique Motala
Read more
2018/05/2,8,15,22 Workshop Campus wide Grant Writing Workshop
Professor Julia Preece
Read more
2018/04.04 Workshop Developing Teaching Portfolios for Excellence Awards
Professor Michael Savage, Professor Nyna Amin, Dr Rubby Dhunpath, Ms Rosemary Quilling
Read more
Workshop Enhancing Academics as University Teachers
Professor Diane Grayson
Read more

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