Seminars & Workshop 2021

As a part of driving the mission of the UTLO, we host a variety of seminars and workshops, in addition to our Annual Conference. The list of most recently conducted seminars and workshops are available below:

Date Category Theme/Focus/Topic Speaker(s) Information
2021/11/17-18 Colloquium
8th Annual Academic Monitoring and Support Colloquium - Reflections on Student Support During the Covid-19 Pandemic Dr Upasana Singh and Dr Neil Evans
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2021/11/08 Seminar
Quality Assurance of Online Assessments in the Disruptive Era
Dr Rubby Dhunapth (Chair of panel) Read more
2021/10/06 Seminar Enhancing Assessment Integrity and Students’ Learning Experiences in An Online Environment
Dr Craig Blewett
Read more
2021/10/4-8 Seminar Siyaphumelela Webinars on the First Year Experience
Professor Rupert Ward
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2021/09/21 UKZN E-Learning Symposium
New Horizons In Teaching And Learning In A Changing Higher Education Landscape Professor Kriben Pillay Read more
2021/08/24-25 Colloquium
Assessment Through Digital Platforms Within Higher Education Studies
Siddique Motala
Read more
2021/07/30 Seminar
Are We Using Institutional Research Optimally? Professor Julia Preece
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2021/06/25 Seminar
Listening In New Ways (Alumni, Student Voice And Lecturer) To Enhance Student Support- Seminar Professor Michael Savage, Professor Nyna Amin, Dr Rubby Dhunpath, Ms Rosemary Quilling
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Dismantling Systemic Barriers To Student Success Professor Diane Grayson
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 2021/05/28  Seminar  Enabling Student Success Through Academic Advising And Data Analytics    
 2021/05/21  Seminar Students’ Access To And Use Of Learning Materials - Survey Report 2021    

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