Dr Reshma Subbaye

Reshma Subbaye

Dr Reshma Subbaye (BSc, MBA, PhD)

Dr Reshma Subbaye recently completed her PhD, by publication, in higher education studies. Her doctoral research examines how teaching features as criterion for academic promotion among research-focussed public universities in South Africa. She is currently working on examining trends in the shape and size of academic staffing in South Africa. 

At UTLO, she is involved in institutional level research and higher education management reporting related to student academic progression, staffing, and various other university performance indicators (rankings, student throughput etc.). Her current profile at UKZN requires her to be involved in several phases of the management information cycle including data collection, data cleaning, analysis, results interpretation and reporting. In addition she is responsible for DHET-related grants management from planning to reporting. Reshma has also worked on several institution wide projects such as the: CHE-Quality Enhancement project, planning for the University Capacity development grant, assisting with the development of performance indicators for teaching and learning and conceptualising the annual teaching and learning in higher education conference.  

Before joining UKZN Reshma has worked in the corporate and NGO sectors and as a result has developed a broad (and nuanced) understanding of context specific management information and institutional performance indicators from both general management (resource-planning and monitoring, risk assessments & outcomes-based performance review) and financial perspectives (cost-benefit analysis, forecasting).

Recent publications by Dr Reshma Subbaye:

  1. Subbaye R (accepted April 2017), Teaching in academic promotions at South African universities: A policy perspective, Higher Education Policy, (in press. DOI: 10.1057/s41307-017-0052-x) 
  2. Subbaye R (2017), The shrinking professoriate: Academic promotion and university teaching, South African Journal of Higher Education, 31:3, p249-273 
  3. Subbaye R and Vithal R (2017), Teaching criteria that matter in university academic promotions, Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, 42:1, p37-60 
  4. Subbaye R and Vithal R (accepted March 2016), Gender, teaching and academic promotions in higher education, Gender and Education, (in press. DOI:10.1080/09540253.2016.1184237) 
  5. Subbaye R and Dhunpath R (2016), Early Career Academic Support: Towards a Scholarship of Teaching, Studies in Higher Education, 41:10, p: 1803-1819 
  6. Vithal R, Subbaye R and North D (2013) Valuing teaching in university academic promotions, Alternation 9, p318-342

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