Seminar by Dr Craig Blewett

Topic: Skeuomorphism – The biggest hurdle to e-learning?

About this Seminar

There is something comforting about the familiar, and that is why we hang onto vestiges of the past, even if they have no real function now. For example, a duke box that plays MP3s or an ebook that has curling pages you can digitally turn, or a cellphone camera that makes a shutter sound when taking a photo. These skeuomorphs all favour form over function, and while seemingly innocuous may be impeding our effective use of technology based teaching and learning. In this presentation, arising out of his research into the use of Facebook for learning, Craig made use of an affordance based theoretical lens, to explore how digital environments are challenging our existing paradigms, pedagogies, and skeuomorphic baggage. The research signals a need for a move towards new online approaches to teaching and learning, where creation replaces consumption, correcting replaces correct, conversation replaces content and chaos replaces control. Is such a digital-age learning approach tenable, or is it perhaps already here?




About Dr Craig Blewett

"Creatively inspiring", is Craig’s motto - a motto that has sustained him through marathons of the body and mind. In addition to having completed over 40 marathons and 9 Comrades marathons, Craig also has a PhD in educational technology. His passion is innovative teaching and learning and he has been involved in the implementation and research of innovative pedagogies for over 20 years. His PhD, on the use of Facebook for learning, and his current research, is exploring the future directions of new digital pedagogies.

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