Teaching & Learning Directorates

Quality Promotion and Assurance

The mission of QPA is to ensure the promotion and development of a culture of quality in the University of KwaZulu-Natal through a comprehensive quality assurance system, which:

  • Improves quality in the core functions of teaching, learning, research and service to the University,
  • Prepares the University for external programme accreditation, review and institutional audits and ensures the University responds effectively to national and international requirements,
  • Provides leadership on the development and implementation of quality management systems at all levels,
  • Provides practical support and advice to the University on all quality related activities,
  • Promotes quality through institutional policy development

For further information on Quality Promotion and Assurance (QPA) please visit their website: http://qpa.ukzn.ac.za

Higher Education Training and Development

In developing Higher Education as a field of study and scholarship, The centre is committed to excellence in all aspects, and across all levels and forms, of the sector. Through national, regional, institutional and individual collaboration and networking it will provide a conducive and stimulating environment for developing and supporting research-based professional practice in areas such as curriculum design and development, professional development, teaching and learning, policy development, assessment, quality and excellence, leadership and management, organization or institutional development and systems in Higher Education. Staff development and capacity building through both formal and informal processes are seen as key activities, fostering research-based practice, rather than simply technical input and assistance.

For further information on the Higher Education Training and Development please visit their website: http://hes.ukzn.ac.za

UKZN Extended Learning

In 2012 UKZN Extended Learning was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, UEL to:

  • Administer and manage all short course offerings for the University; 
  • Provide on-going learning and development opportunities to communities; and
  • Generate third stream income for the University

Having the full support of Council, the University Executive, Deans and the Heads of Schools, UKZN Extended Learning is well placed to look after the short course requirements of the University of KwaZulu-Natal as well as to respond to the needs of the corporate world, extending the University, and addressing the skills needs of the people of KwaZulu-Natal.

Course delegates include members of the public who wish to study a subject for personal development or out of general interest, professional practitioners and members of business organisations who wish to increase their knowledge and competency, or employees of organisations in the public sector or the community tasked to work on specific projects. Short courses cover a wide range of subjects and sectors and can last from one day to several weeks. Moreover some courses are offered at various geographical locations to meet the learning and development needs of partner-clients.

Visit https://ukznextendedlearning.com/ to learning more about UKZN’s short-course offerings.

University Language Planning & Development Office

The Council of the University of KwaZulu-Natal approved the University Language Policy on the 1st of September 2006. This milestone was followed by the Charter to constitute the University Language Board (ULB), which was last amended on the 18th of August 2010.

The ULB thus is a sub-committee of Senate constituted in order to develop, implement, monitor and review the University Language Policy and Plan. The ULPDO was established consequent to the approval of the ULB. It is an office established to operationalise the Language Policy and Plan (Implementation Framework).

The activities of the ULPDO include:

  • Terminology Development
  • Corpus Development
  • Human-Language Technology Development
  • Language Planning & Development Public Liaison

Visit http://ulpdo.ukzn.ac.za to learn more about the University Language Planning & Development Office and their activities.



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