CHE - Quality Enhancement Project (QEP)

About the Quality Enhancement Project

Through the Quality Enhancement Project (QEP), the CHE intends to catalyse a process in which higher education institutions collaborate to identify good practices and solve shared problems in order to have a collective and substantial impact on improving student success.  This, in turn, will contribute to the economic and social development of South Africa and its people.  The CHE will also interact with other stakeholders to identify opportunities to collaborate on promoting student success, such as through working groups, symposia, research projects and policy recommendations.

The approach used in the QEP is inductive in that what is learnt in one part of the process informs later parts of the process. It is iterative in that there are two phases. In each phase, focus areas are selected with which all institutions are asked to engage. In Phase 1 (2014-2015) there are four focus areas:

  1. Enhancing academics as teachers
  2. Enhancing student support and development
  3. Enhancing the learning environment
  4. Enhancing course and programme enrollment management.

Read more about the QEP

2014 QEP Report

To read the UKZN Quality Enhance Project (QEP) Report focusing on the broad four Focus Areas, as submitted to the CHE in September 2014 , please click here.

2015 QEP Report

To read more about the QEP Institutional Report for December 2015, please click here.

To read the Notice for the Council for Higher Education - Quality Enhancement Project, please click here.

To download the template for the QEP Institutional Report for December 2015, please click here.

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