Symposium Overview

The UKZN E-learning symposium is a one-day online event that will provide a platform for staff and students to present innovative teaching and learning approaches in the ever-changing educational landscape.

The event will present an opportunity for the University community to advance the community of practice on online and blended approaches by engaging and interrogating shared experiences, challenges, successes, and opportunities as we embrace the online/blended learning future in higher education and beyond.

Symposium Milestones and Registration

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Abstract Submission

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Thematic Strands

  • Innovative assessment methodologies 
  • Lessons, Perspectives & Prospects 
  • Student digital literacy solutions 
  • Disruptive teaching approaches 
  • The switch to online learning 
  • Language E-learning matters 
  • Learning analytics
  • Blended Learning

Symposium Presentation Workflow

Keynote Speakers

Professor Marwala is an accomplished scholar with multi-disciplinary research interests that include the theory and application of artificial intelligence to engineering, computer science, finance, social science and medicine. He has an extensive track record in human capacity development and has published 23 books in artificial intelligence.

He is the Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of Johannesburg and prior to this he was the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Internationalisation and Executive Dean of Engineering and the Built Environment both at the University of Johannesburg.

He was a Deputy Chair of the Presidential Commission on the Fourth Industrial Revolution. He serves on the board of Nedbank and is a Trustee of the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

Professor Blewett has been involved in researching and developing innovative solutions for teaching with technology for over 25 years. He is an associate professor at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa and has written numerous books, papers, and other publications on education and technology. His research focuses on effective digital-age teaching approaches.

He developed the Activated Classroom Teaching (ACT) model, a taxonomy of digital-age pedagogies that supports active online and blended learning.

He is an internationally acclaimed speaker and trainer. His innovative approaches to modern teaching have been shared with thousands of educators around the world.

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