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11th Annual AMS Colloquium

Hosted by the College of Humanities

Theme: Student Voice as a Contributor to Student Support and Success

Date: 20 November 2024

Time: 08h00 – 16h30

Venue: UNITE Building, Howard College UKZN

Abstract Submission Deadline: 22 July 2024.

Communication of Review Outcome: 5 August 2024


Deadline for abstract submission is in


Colloquium Overview

Even though the student voice may not always be articulated or heard,  it is present and has the potential to feed into institutional student support programmes..There are three conceptualisations of student voice, in the design, implementation and review of student support programmes and interventions at institutional level; as partners, as producers of new insights/knowledge and as change agents in Higher Education (HE). These conceptualisations apply to the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal Academic Monitoring and Support (AMS) programmes and interventions aimed at student success.

However, the concept of student voice is not without challenges and contestations. While the organisational culture and systems intended to enable student voices to develop and thrive may exist, it is not known how students are informed about the existence of these cultures and systems. There is also the assumption that student voice will lead to progress is unproblematic. The challenge is producing the evidence that student voice contributes to success in practice. Another pertinent question is which student voices are heard and which student voices are not heard and why. The students whose voices are not heard – do they have nothing to say, or do they choose to remain silent? How many student voices are not heard due to the predominant use of English in HE institutions? How do these challenges and contestations relate to Academic Monitoring and Support, including the First Year Experience Programme at UKZN?

Thematic Strands

Students (undergraduate and postgraduate), student support practitioners, academics and researchers are kindly invited to submit an abstract of research, theoretical, conceptual or reflective papers on the overarching colloquium theme, guided by any of the following sub-themes:


Student voice in the design, implementation and review of student support programmes

  • Research/reflections on theoretical, conceptual or experiential aspects


Student voice as partner in knowledge creation

  • Students’ evaluative feedback as a means of improving the quality of student support and experience
  • Students as collaborative partners in the creation of educational knowledge aimed at enhancing student success in curricular or co-curricular programmes


Student voice as producers of new insights and knowledge

  • Narrative accounts of student experiences from either students, student support practitioners or academics with a particular focus on lessons learned on student support and success
  • Social media as a platform to communicate student voice on institutional support interventions and programmes


Student voice as change agents

  • Voices of students on student support programmes in Higher Education (HE)
  • Research reports on student voices in HE focusing on engaging students in productive, meaningful and inclusive ways


Open themes

  • Any other relevant themes on student voice as a contributor to student support and success (e.g. challenges/contestations on student voice)

Keynote Speakers

Professor Sid Nair
Professor Sid Nair
Executive Dean/Academic Dean - Learning, Teaching & Student Experience/ Dean Sydney Campus, Victorian Institute of Technology (VIT), Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Professor John N Gardner
Professor John N Gardner
Founder and Executive Chair, John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education, Brevard, North Carolina, USA. Host of
Office Hours with John Gardner

Registration Details

Last date of registration: 28 October 2024 Fees: Participation is free. Attendance is compulsory upon registration. No show will be charged to the participant.

Pre-Colloquium Online Workshop

There will be an online workshop on Student Voice as a Contributor to Student Support and Success on 19 November 2024 from 09h00 to 13h00. Presenter: Professor Sid Nair: Victorian Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia

Colloquium Venue

UNITE Building, Howard College UKZN

Additional submission guidelines:

Abstracts must include a clear and brief indication of the purpose of the paper, methodology, major results/findings, and conclusions/implications. The abstract should concisely indicate what the audience can expect from the presentation

SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACTS: If you intend to present a paper (15-minute talk, 5 min Q&A), please submit an abstract (300-word limit). 

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