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2024 Understanding Plagiarism Online Short Course

The Understanding Plagiarism (UP) online short course is a digital learning platform where students self-enrol to gain knowledge about plagiarism towards academic integrity as established in the UKZN plagiarism policy. During this online journey, you will learn what plagiarism is, how to identify it, how to avoid it, and the tools available to detect it. The course design is based on the Activated Classroom Teaching (ACT) approach, which ensures that students are fully engaged while learning. As such, you will earn marks for active participation, careful reading, and quizzes. You will receive a course completion certificate at the end of the course once you achieve an overall mark of 80% or higher. You can attempt activities/quizzes multiple times until you achieve the desired certificate mark.

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What is new in the 2024 Understanding Plagiarism Online Short Course

2024 Understanding Plagiarism Online Short Course features

Access to the Online Training Course

Follow the steps below to access the course.

Step 1

Click the "Get Started" button below to visit the course on Learn 2024.

Step 2

Enter your LAN username and password. You will be redirected to the course enrolment page.

step 3

Enter course enrolment key = UP2024, and click the “Enrol me” button.

step 4

Begin the course.

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Course Workflow

Gamification - Stash

This course has made use of Stash as a form of gamification. This means that there are “Easter Eggs” hidden throughout the course that you will need to search for. You will find some as images and others in text – so you will have to look carefully. All the details about how Stash works is explained in the course guides.

Incentives - Badges and Certificates

  • Badges – There are 8 badges that can be earned in the course. Badges are awarded upon the completion of certain course activities.
    The Understanding Plagiarism Course
  • Certificate – This is awarded to students who have completed every module and, obtained a course grade of 80% in every quiz.
  • The Stash Certificate – If you find all the hidden Stash items, you will be rewarded with a certificate at the end of the course.

Course Outline and Objectives

The course content is based on six (6) modules: learning online, what is plagiarism, types of plagiarism, understanding referencing, plagiarism tools, and AI for learning and research.

The table below presents the course outline and objectives under the five modules.


S/N Section Course Objectives
1 Learning Online
  • Understand how to learn online
  • Understand the ACT approach to learning
  • Understand how to earn bonus points with gamification
2 What is Plagiarism?
  • Understand the value of building your research on other people’s work
  • Understand the importance of referencing the work you use
  • Understand UKZN’s plagiarism policy
  • Understand what is expected of you when it comes to plagiarism
3 Types of Plagiarism
  • Understand the different types of plagiarism that can occur
  • Understand how to avoid each of the types of plagiarism
  • Be able to identify plagiarism in text
4 Understanding Referencing
  • Understand what referencing is
  • Be aware of different types of referencing systems
  • Be aware of different types of referencing tools
  • Understand how to use Microsoft Word to support referencing
  • Understand the importance of online tools like Mendeley
5 Plagiarism Tools
  • Understand what a plagiarism checking tool is
  • Understand how to use Turnitin
  • Understand how to use a free online tool
  • Understand how to use a free grammar checker
6 AI for Learning and Research
  • Understand what is Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Understand how to ethically use AI in Learning and Research
  • Understand the basic principles of the use of AI in Learning and Research
  • Understand how to use tools in AI for learning and Research