Teaching and Learning Office

8th Annual T&L Conference

Comparative Perspectives on Higher Education Systemic Change, Curriculum Reform, Quality Promotion and Professional Development

8th Annual Teaching & Learning Conference

25-27 September 2014

Southern Sun Elangeni & Maharani

Keynote Speakers

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Professor Gayatri Spivak

Professor William Pinar

Professor Sozinho Matsinhe

Professor Reitumetse Mabokela

Dr Langa Khumalo



Conference T&L Session

Conference Presentations

Some of the presentations delivered at the conference are included below. If you presented at the Conference and would like to include your presentation in the table below, please contact the UTLO.




#1 O A Adebayo & R Mudaly  Exploring how Pre-Service Science Teachers Learn to Teach Environmental Education

#3 H Beckedahl, M Fruehauf, M Lindner, et al

Testing the Development of Contextualized Geospatial Field Practice in Concept…


#4 H Beckedahl, M Fruehauf, M Lindner, et al  Developing a Geo-systematic Spatial Perception for Interpretation and Representation of…  Download

#5 T Bojabotsheha, T Pitso & M Lebusa

Framing Talk in Formal and Informal Entrepreneurship Programmes: Towards a radical, visible…


#7 S Boloang, TJ Pitso & MJ Lebusa  Logistics UG students’ entrepreneurial intention: a case at one UoT   

#6 G Bokana

The Projected Enrolment Growth, University Funding and a 20-year Quest for New Paradigms in Higher Education in SA


#9 V Bozalek, D Gachago & K Watters

Power, democracy and care: Towards a normative framework for technology-enhanced-learning


#10 Z Bulbulia & B Van Niekerk

Using Facebook to Enhance Students’ Engagement with Information Systems & Technology Courses


#11 D Caliskan

Culture and Ideology: Education, ‘Habitus’ and Taste Formation and Turkish ELT students views on English Literature… 


#13 L Coleman

Curriculum decision making and the consequences for student assignment practice: the case of a vocational film… 


#14 SJ Collings

It’s Not About Being Black: Factors predicting progression rates among Humanities and Social Science students at a SA University 


#15 MN Davids

“Is he calling us racists?” The transformation discourse in a merged faculty of education 


#20 P du Toit

An autoethnograhic lens on lecturer professional development 


#21 TM Esterhuizen, S Chima & F Nkwanyana
Evaluating the educational value of a short-course on basic biostatistics for…  Download

#24 S Glajchen, S Knight & T Dlungwane

Building Medical Graduate Attributes from the First Year 


#29 C Gwaindepi & TE Mabila

Prevalence of Conversational Language in Students’ Descriptions of Graphical … 


#30 A Harerimana & NG Mtshali

Utilization of Internet as an Academic Tool among Undergraduate Nursing Students


#31 MS Herbert

An overview of the extended curriculum programme physics module at the university of the Westen Cape… 


#32 MS Herbert

Students' experiences of the use of class room response systems in class discussion 


#33 D Hlalele, D Manicom , J Preece & CT Tsotetsi

Two university approaches to involving students in community engagement: A comparison of how…


#35 BN Ighalo

Effects of Innovative Strategies on Tertiary Institution Lecturers’ Performance in Edo State, Nigeria 


#39 UF Johnson & S Narsiah

The Impact of Differences in Perception of At-Risk Students between Staff and Students of the… 


#41 N Kaeane, T Pitso & M Lebusa

Developing an Enabling Pedagogy for Fostering Engineering Undergraduates Entrepreneurial Orientation 


#44 P Khaola, G Mokorotlo & P Monyolo

Students’ Experiences of UG Business Research and… 


#46 SB Khoza

A lecturer’s reflective experiences on becoming a published scholar: Curriculum in Context 


#49 RN Kizito

Using blogs to enhance teaching assistant competence in undergraduate science teaching 


#50 L Kok, M Lebusa & T Pitso

Understanding Final-Year Labour Relations Perspectives on Creativity 


#51 KC Kong Ting Lun, CL Zhang & Y Ramma  Distributed leadership and staff’s effectiveness…  Download

#53 L Kunene, R Govender & JA Kwibuka

Impact of Student Attendance on Performance for Commerce UG Students at UKZN… 


#54 L Lazarus, R Sookrajh & KS Satyapal

A historical perspective of anatomical pedagogy at UKZN 


#56 P Lefoka, J Slabbert & A Clarke

A Quest for Professionalism amongst Teacher Educators in the National University of Lesotho 


#57 B Leibowitz & V Bozalek

Re-envisioning SoTL: A Socially Just Pedagogical Perspective 


#58 B Leibowitz, V Bozalek & P Siphuka

The Professional Development of Academics with Regard to the Teaching Role – an Inter-institutional Investigation 


#59 TE Mabila

Trainee Teacher’s Attitudes towards the Teaching African Languages: Implications for Language Planning 


#62 S Machingambi

Towards an integrated Professional Development Agenda: The Case of MUT 


#63 LS Magwaza, MB Young & S Munien

Integrating Social media into the Pedagogical System of Higher Education 


#67 C Maphosa  Examining cultural factors affecting academic developers in performing staff development functions in three South African universities  Download

#68 H Mariaye, A Beesoondial, S Goburdhun, et al

Adaptation or Isomorphism : Reading a Public Higher Education Institution In a Small Island State 


#69 N Mashiyi & R Kizito  An Appraisal of the De-centralised Professional Development Model Adopted by a South African University  Download

#72 AP Matthews

Teaching Physics in isiZulu 


#76 T Mkhize & L van Scheers

E-Tutoring System/ Process at the UNISA as a Leading Open Distance Higher Learning Institution in South Africa 


#77 BB Monnanyane, GM van Zyl & LM Khoza

Engaging students through clicking 


#79 T Moodley

Curriculum Restructuring in Higher Education 


#80 M Moshabela, N Moodley, L Campbell et al

Social accountability in the transformation of medical curricula to meet the needs of health care systems… 


#82 M Mtshali

Online-supported learning, connectivism and case study pedagogy 


#84 S Mukwembi (DTA)

Graph theory, learning process and student performance 


#85 C Muraraneza & NG Mtshali  Research Supervision: Perceptions of Postgraduate Students at a Higher Education Institution in KwaZulu-Natal  Download
#86 C Muraraneza & NG Mtshali  Exploring perceptions of PG students on institutional support during research supervision process in selected university in…  Download
#87 M Murray Examining the effectiveness of a bridging programme using a regression discontinuity design  Download
#91 J Naidoo  Exploring the Use of Technology in Mathematics Teaching within Higher Education  Download
#95 P Narismulu  The potential, challenges and resources for improving teaching and learning in English Studies and in tertiary education  Download
#97 T Ngwenya  Conceptions of Knowledge and University Typology in South Africa  Download
#98 M Nkosi  Exploring Education Studies Lecturers' and Students' Experiences of Using the Compulsory Textbook in a SA University  Download
#100 VU Nnadozie  Changes in institutional thinking as a tipping point for responsive reform in higher education  Download
#101 P Nyatanga, S Mukorera & C Ifeacho  The Effects of Absence on Student Performance: An econometric analysis  Download
#105 F Oosthuizen  Pharmacy students’ opinions towards active learning  Download

#106 V Paideya

Understanding who attends first year Chemistry Supplemental Instruction and why? 


#107 V Paideya & A Bengesai

The Different faces of Academic Monitoring and Support at UKZN


#117 M. Quayle K. Durrheim, & A Wilkinson

Different access to computer and internet resources introduces inequalities in outcomes for courses… 


#118 J Ramdhani & L J Naidoo

Social Representations of HIV/AIDS in a Higher Education Business Management Textbook: A critical discourse analysis 


#119 SS Ramklass  The Transition to blended learning: Piloting an e-learning research methods module for PG medical students   

#123 D V Robertson-Andersson, C Panos & M Maroun

How can we facilitate both learning and research with ever increasing class sizes in a Life Sciences… 


#124 A Ross

The educational journey of rural origin health care professionals 


#125 S Ruggunan

Towards a Critical Management Studies Approach in Human Resources Management Education 


#126 S Sabata & D Scholtz  Agency as a form of discursive practice: The case of Curriculum Officer’s Forum at a UoT  Download
#129 GN Shava  Challenges of Achieving Quality Teacher Education: The case of secondary teacher education in Zimbabwe  Download

#130 Sibanda, S Donnelly & F Kwenda

Modeling Factors Shaping Postgraduate Research Supervision in Higher Education 


#132 B Simpson & N Ngcobo

When numbers demand innovation:Use of audio-visual pedagogies for Social Work students 


#134 V Singh, W Hugo & S Essack

What does gravity, density and waves have to do with Pharmacy Education? 


#135 A Singh-Pillay

Towards Socially responsible Technology Education: A case study in a technology teacher education programme 


#136 TE Sommerville, P Brysiewicz & FA Ruffin

Problem-based learning as an exemplar of innovative constructivist learning 


#137 L Sosibo, E Ivala & D Gachago  Nostalgia, anxiety and gratification: Case study of staff in a merged higher education institution 


#144 N Toni, AH Makura

Using Reflective Practice for a more Humane Higher Education 


#145 KR Tsunga

Learning Effective Study Skills 


#146 T Twalo

Sub-standard Teaching Material at Higher Education Institutions 


#147 L Van Laren, C Mitchell, R Mudaly et al

“Accessible, affordable, appealing and appropriate”: Pre-service science teachers’ views on… 


#148 S van Putten, H Botha, B Mofolo-Mbokane et al

The culture-rich mathematics class – maximising learning opportunities 


#149 O Varma, V Naeck & H Mariaye

Is a PhD dangerous? An institutional take on what guides professional development policy in… 


#150 JBS Zikhali, VS Singaram & F O’Brien  Students’ Learning Experiences in Second Year Augmented Economics  Download
#151 N Gopal & B Marimuthu  “You cannot study when you don’t feel safe” - Making every Learning space a safe space at student residences (A case study of UKZN)  Download