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Professor Nyna Amin

Professor Nyna Amin

Interim, Director T&L

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Professor Amin’s academic career at the University of KwaZulu-Natal began in 2006 when she joined the Leadership Equity Advancement Programme (LEAP) as a lecturer. She was appointed in a permanent capacity as lecturer in 2009 and achieved full professorship in 2021.

Her leadership roles at the University include the position of Cluster Leader in 2016 and Academic Leader of Research for the periods 2012 and 2020-2022. She is co-founder and an editor of the journal African Perspectives of Research in Teaching and Learning (University of Limpopo). She is also an editor of Alternation (UKZN), Africa Education Review (Unisa) and serves on the editorial board of the Journal for Health Research and Society (University of Mindanao – General Santos, Philippines).

Professor Amin is a recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship at Michigan State University, the Tripartite Alliance Scholarships at the University of Liège in Belgium in 2009 and 2010 and the “Best Research Engagement” award at the University of Pretoria. Her teaching excellence earned her the title of Distinguished Teacher from UKZN in 2011 and commendation of excellence from HELTASA. She is also an NRF rated scientist.

Her commitment to scientific peer review is evident in her role as a reviewer for the National Research Foundation as well as for six international and 18 national journals. She has successfully supervised 16 doctoral and 21 master’s students and three post-doctoral fellows. She has co-edited two books and published fifty research articles, book chapters and editorials. She currently supervises eight PhD and eight MEd students at UKZN and two MPhil students at the Mauritius Institute of Education.

On the international stage. Professor Amin has given keynote lectures in Belgium, the UK, India, the United States and South Africa. She is an active contributor to research panels, public lectures, colloquia and conferences. Her leadership roles include chairing the Education Association of South Africa and membership of organisations such as the South African Education Research Association, the Oxford Symposium on School and Family-Based Counselling, the Disaster Coping Research Team and BRICS Sociology.

  • Diploma Senior Primary (Transvaal College of Education)

  • BA (UNISA)

  • BEd Hons (UNISA)

  • MEd cum laude (UDW)

  • DEd (UKZN)

Research Interest

Professor Amin’s research encompasses interdisciplinary perspectives and represents a cohesive and intellectually rigorous exploration of higher education and curriculum. Her work is grounded in political theory and utilises discourse analysis, narrative enquiry, or a combination of these methods. This framework serves to illuminate the aporias, ironies, contradictions and uncertainties in higher education.

Professor Amin’s recent academic contributions are of particular relevance and significance as they involve a meticulous deconstruction of the curriculum in the context of the complicated realities of education in South Africa. Emphasising the interplay of South Africa’s history, geography, psychology and philosophy, Professor Amin argues that a departure from dominant and pathological discourses is imperative. Her research argues for novel approaches that promote new dialogues and advocate for a paradigm shift to address the multiple dimensions of South Africa’s educational landscape.

Professor Amin’s work not only dispels prevailing myths, but also promotes the emergence of new dialogues. It encourages radical approaches to be explored and innovative perspectives to be developed in order to reimagine the curriculum. This redesign is proposed with the overarching aim of improving student achievement, refining learning experiences and aligning educational practises with future aspirations.

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