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2nd Innovations in the Science of Teaching and Learning (iSoTL) Conference 2024

Theme: Bridging Ethics, Equity and Innovation in Higher Education

Date: 26-27 September 2024

Time: 8h00 - 17h00

Venue: Elangeni Hotel, Maharani Towers, Durban

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Conference Overview


We are pleased to inform you about the upcoming annual conference on Innovations in the Science of Teaching and Learning. This event will bring together educators, researchers and practitioners from a range of disciplines to explore the important link between innovation, ethics and inclusive excellence in higher education teaching and learning. The two-day event will provide an opportunity to promote debate and share practices that utilise innovation to enhance equity and learning in response to the transformation of universities through new technologies and student and staff diversity.

Sessions and presentations will focus on fundamental themes that connect teaching, learning, ethics and innovation. These include community-based learning and teaching and inquiry-led learning and teaching framed by questions such as: How can we apply progressive teaching methods while creating an inclusive learning environment? How can the implementation of new ideas and the exploration of data help to increase availability and fairness? What is the contribution of language, culture and blended learning when it comes to tackling and reducing inequalities in academic achievement? What are the ethical possibilities of using technology and AI to improve the learning process?

We invite academics, practitioners and students from many fields of study to participate, propose concepts and interact together to achieve the aims of the conference – to encourage and provoke creativity in higher education to improve outcomes and enrich the educational journey for all students. We look forward to fruitful discussions on combining innovation, ethics, equity and intelligence for successful learning outcomes.

Call for Abstract

The iSoTL conference presentation (oral or poster) provides an ideal opportunity for conference participants to learn about new and innovative projects, either completed or in-progress with noteworthy preliminary results. An oral presentation will be a 10mins presentation and 5mins Q&A session. Posters will be displayed for the entire conference, and presenters are encouraged to be present during tea breaks.

The Review Panel may also recommend alternative presentation formats, such as Poster or Oral, as deemed fit. Authors will be notified of acceptance by 26 June 2023. Acceptance of the abstract implies that at least (but not limited to) one of the authors will be presenting at the conference. Abstracts selected for presentation will be published in a book of abstracts, and there will be an opportunity to publish full papers in a special edition of the Alternation Journal.

Thematic Strands


Automated scoring tools and intelligent feedback systems

Perspectives on advances in assessment methods, including automated essay marking, computer-assisted assessment of assignments and the integration of AI for personalised feedback and recommendations for students


Equity in online/tech learning

Critical reflections and experiences on access and equity in technology-enhanced education, particularly with regard to the digital divide, learning contexts and equitable access for all students.


Innovation through multi-inter-transdisciplinary learning

Theorising innovative approaches that bring together insights from different disciplines and encourage collaboration across disciplinary boundaries.


Language Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Exploring potential biases in language teaching, presenting methods for developing academic skills, improving the linguistic accessibility of educational technologies and exploring the benefits of linguistic diversity in educational institutions.


Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

Exploring interventions and outcomes of creating inclusive academic environments, promoting diversity and inclusion.


Bridging the digital divide

Identifying and analysing challenges related to technology accessibility and skill inequality that impact on equitable access to modern learning tools.


Innovations in assessment methods and learning analyses

Investigating new assessment techniques, technologies and effective practises that focus on evaluating student learning, providing feedback and utilising data and learning analytics for instructional purposes.


AI for personalised learning

Investigating the use of AI to tailor educational experiences to individual student needs and strengths.


Supporting mental health and wellbeing

Exploring the use of technology and innovative methods to comprehensively assess and support students' mental health and socio-cultural needs.


Preparing students for ethical issues related to new technologies

Exploring strategies to improve students' ability to deal with ethical dilemmas related to new technologies, such as privacy, safety, and bias considerations.

Keynote Speakers

Professor Punya Mishra
Professor Punya Mishra
Professor, Arizona State University
Professor Langa Khumalo
Professor Langa Khumalo
SADiLar: North-West University.
Ms Sukaina Walji
Ms Sukaina Walji
Director, Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching, University of Cape Town

Important Dates


We would only be able to accommodate 200 attendees for physical attendance. Hence, physical registration will be based on a first-pay, first-serve basis.

Conference Venue

Elangeni Hotel, Maharani Towers


Conference Book of Abstracts: Accepted abstracts will be published in the Conference Book of Abstracts and will be made available on the first day of the conference

Publication of articles: The iSoTL conference has partnered with African Perspectives of Research in Teaching and Learning, a DHET accredited journal for a special issue.


Registration Information

Registration Process

Should you have queries regarding payment, contact UTLO at utlo@ukzn.ac.za.

Note: We would only be able to accommodate 70 attendees for physical attendance. Hence, physical registration will be based on a first-pay, first-serve basis.

iSoTL Conference 2023 Highlights

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