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7th Annual T&L Conference

Re-envisioning African Higher Education: Alternative Paradigms, Emerging Trends and New Directions

7th Annual Teaching & Learning Conference

25-27 September 2013

Southern Sun Elangeni & Maharani

Keynote Speakers

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Guy Standing

School of Oriental and African Studie, University of London

Philip G. Altbach

 Centre for International Higher Education, Boston College

Paul Gerdes

Universidade Peadagogica,

Ian Scott

The University of
Cape Town, South


Conference Video

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Conference Presentations

Some of the presentations from the 2013 Conference are listed below:

Presenter Co-Author(s) Topic Presentation 
Dr Nyna Amin L Campbell  Envisioning a curriculum without borders for palliative care Download
Ms Shelly Anne Barnsley S Hakizimana  Making a case for a decentralised framework of student counselling in a tertiary institution
Ms Zahra Bulbulia M Maharaj  Using Web 2.0 as a strategy to educate users about online security Download
Mr Nhlanhla Cele N Mapatagane  Responding to needs of first year undergraduate students  Download
Dr Anthony Collins   Joy, optimism, helplessness and despair: Counter-transference in teaching sensitive topics  Download
Dr Mogamat Noor Davids M Nkosi,
M Shoba,
L Iyer,
LR Maharajh,
S Bheki
Reflections on experiences of an enacted curriculum in a post graduate honours module  Download
Dr Peter J Denny M Maharaj  Understanding and Embracing the Complexities of Multicultural ICT Classrooms Download
Dr Severino Machingambi   Instructional strategies for motivating students in Higher Education Download
Mrs Maria Madiope R Ranko-Ramaili,
M Ally
Improving access to learning using podcast delivered on mobile technology Download
Ms Razia Mayet   Easing the articulation blues: Stepping up from high school to higher education Download
Ms Kerry McCullough N Munro  Maintaining Interest and Fuelling Motivation: Student Experiences of Active and Collaborative Learning Tasks in a level 300 Finance Module Download
Ms Tamar Meskin T van der Walt
Bridge-Building across the landscape of Higher education: an exploration of the dynamics of collaborative learning projects  Download
Dr Inbanathan Naicker  P Morojele,
K Pithouse-Morgan,
D Pillay,
V Chikoko 
Towards  curriculum intellectualising: A reflexive account of making meaning of postgraduate  Download
Mr Rajen Padayachi  L Lalendle Experiences of post doctoral fellows at UKZN  Download
Professor Julia Preece D Manicom  Adaptive leadership, service learning and community engagement: integrating curriculum relevance with competing community goals  Download
Dr Saras Reddy S Nadar  Crossing Knowledge Boundaries: A case study of a Trans-disciplinary Masters Cohort Supervision Model in the Humanities  Download