Teaching and Learning Office

Seminars & Workshops 2018

As a part of driving the mission of the UTLO, we host a variety of seminars and workshops, in addition to our Annual Conference. The list of most recently conducted seminars and workshops are available below:

Date Category Theme/Focus/Topic Speaker(s) Information
2018/09/28 Workshop Exploring the value of adopting Moodle Quiz, Assignment and Forum activities Dr Upasana Singh and Dr Neil Evans Read more
2018/09/11 Workshop Enhancing quality in doctoral education Dr Rubby Dhunapth (Chair of panel) Read more
2018/04/09 Seminar Reimagined Higher Education and the Red Flag bearers Dr Craig Blewett Read more
2018/08/27 Seminar A Roadmap for the Implementation of Technology Enhanced Learning at the University of KwaZulu-Natal Professor Rupert Ward Read more
2018/08/24 Seminar The Illusion of Solid and Separate Things: A workshop on Troublesome Knowledge and the Curriculum Professor Kriben Pillay Read more
2018/05/25 Seminar Art Vs Science: Storytelling for Decolonisation in Engineering Education Siddique Motala Read more
2018/05/2,8,15,22 Workshop Campus wide Grant Writing Workshop Professor Julia Preece Read more
2018/04.04 Workshop Developing Teaching Portfolios for Excellence Awards Professor Michael Savage, Professor Nyna Amin, Dr Rubby Dhunpath, Ms Rosemary Quilling Read more
2018/02/15 Workshop Enhancing Academics as University Teachers Professor Diane Grayson Read more